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Dirt Capital Partners invests in farmland in partnership with sustainable farmers throughout the Northeast United States, promoting land access and security for farmers while keeping farmland in productive use.

Farming is risky. For farmers who are building the quality of their soil every year, insecure land tenure critically inhibits multi-year business planning. Many talented farmers with profitable operations do not qualify for a conventional loan and/or do not have enough capital saved to make a large downpayment. The primary alternative is leased land, which is often short-term, insecure, and requires permission from landowners to erect basic farm infrastructure. 


We work with experienced farmers who (i) produce real food of the highest quality; (ii) increase soil health and fertility through nutrient management and rotational land use; (iii) do business whenever possible within their communities.

If you are a farmer and would like to partner on a land investment, please fill out this form.


The most common land partnership scenarios we work with include:

  1. Farmers on leased land with a successful operation, wanting to purchase their leased parcel or relocate to a larger farm and/or a farm with secure land tenure.
  2. Farmers looking to expand a successful operation by acquiring adjacent or nearby land.
  3. Retiring farmers wanting to keep their farms in active production, and would like to transition their farms to family-members or other successor farmers.
  4. Land trusts looking to partner with a like-minded investor to conserve key farmland, and/or to keep already conserved land in active agricultural production.


Upon receiving an application from a qualified farmer, we work closely with applicant to review operating history and create multi-year business plans and budgets. We then mutually discuss what lease terms best fits a farmer's personal goals and financial capabilities. We can provide support, if needed, on the land search, due diligence, legal work and negotiating with the seller.

All leases between Dirt Capital and farmer partners are binding contractual agreements that provide the farmer with land security, autonomy and an option to purchase the farm in the future. Each agreement is tailored to the specific farm operation and parcel of land being purchased. Additional investment for on-farm infrastructure is considered on a case by case basis.