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These are general guidelines. Farmers are encouraged to contact us even if they may not meet one of the guidelines, as every project is evaluated on its individual merits.

  • More than two years of sales history, or prior farm management experience and purchasing an established business

  • Over $100,000 in annual gross revenue or projected gross revenue

  • Anticipated land purchase price between $300,000 – $3,000,000

  • Utilizing organic practices or in transition to organic, certification not required

  • Properties over 40 acres in size

  • Located in New England, New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania

If you are a farmer and would like to partner on a land investment, please fill out this form.

For a PDF of our program information click here.


Upon receiving an application from a qualified farmer, we work closely with the applicant to review operating history and create multi-year business plans and budgets. We then discuss what lease terms best fits a farmer's personal goals and financial capabilities. We provide support, as needed, on the land search, due diligence, legal work and negotiating terms.

We also work closely with existing resources – University Extension programs, farm viability programs, land trusts, experienced farmer-mentors, etc. – to support our due diligence and ensure the farmer’s business plans are realistic and achievable, and to provide ongoing support and assistance to the farmer.


All leases between farmers and Dirt Capital are binding contractual arrangements that provide the farmer with land security, autonomy and an option to purchase. Each agreement is tailored to the specific farm operation and parcel of land. Additional investment for on-farm infrastructure is considered case-by-case.

While each is customized, the following summarizes a standard farmer-investor lease:

  • Nine-year lease term

  • Purchase option at year 5 or year 6 and again at lease expiry

  • Opportunity to make payments towards purchase throughout the lease term